Our team works to help you succeed in the sales ring and is with you every step of the way during the sales process.

With a focus on quality over quantity, Highgate offers a boutique consignment that allows us to focus on the individual needs of each horse and client and provide a tailored experience.

We work closely with you to provide sound market advice to best position our clients and their horses including complimentary pre-sale evaluations, sale/book placement suggestion, sales prep strategies and more, to best maximize the value of each horse in our consignment.

Our vast expanse of relationships both domestically and internationally coupled with a reputation for integrity and honesty amongst buyers give our clients a dominant advantage in the sales ring.

Attention to detail and unparalleled service are the hallmarks of our business. We look forward to working with you this year.

Sales Results

Horses Sold
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Sales Results

Photo Name Sale Sire Dam Sex YOB Buyer Price
Up On the Edge 24KEEAPR Upstart Gold Edge filly 2021
Tireless 24KEEAPR Not This Time Kitty Union colt 2021 NAJD Stud $140,000
Quester 24KEEAPR Into Mischief Osare colt 2021 West Bloodstock for Robert and Lawana Low $100,000
Bad Advice 24KEEAPR Gun Runner Sneaky Betty colt 2021 Pewter Stable $10,000
Dynamic One 24KEEAPR Union Rags Beat the Drums horse 2018 Phipps Stable $100,000
Unlimitedpotential 24KEEAPR Union Rags Champagne Ice horse 2019
Cronin 24FTAPRDIGITAL English Channel Daddy's Dreamgirl colt 2021 Madaket Stables $5,500
Fly High 24FTFEB Gun Runner Hero's Amor filly 2020 Winston Bloodstock $35,000
Empire of My Own 24FTFEB Classic Empire In A Jig filly 2020 Empire Bloodstock $65,000
23 Flying Wendy 24FTFEB Leofric Flying Wendy filly 2023 Mens Grille Racing $10,000
23 Karmari 24FTFEB Audible Karmari colt 2023 Kentucky River Racing $25,000
Sassiness 24FTFEB Uncle Mo Song of the Lark filly 2020 De Sousa Stables/Cranford Bloodstock $155,000
Meow Meow Hiss 24KEEJAN Creative Cause Deanaallen'skitten filly 2020 Sunshine Stables $65,000
Information Mosaic 23FTDECDIGITAL Bernardini Artemis mare 2018 TLC Thoroughbreds $55,000
Good As Gone 23FTDECDIGITAL Nyquist Rapid Racer filly 2020 Backstreet Stable $8,000
You Only Live Once 24KEEJAN More Than Ready Ireland's Call filly 2020 Patty W. Tipton $18,000
23 Auspiciously 24KEEJAN Complexity Auspiciously filly 2023 Bourbon Brew Stable $9,000
23 Distinctive Nature 24KEEJAN Complexity Distinctive Nature colt 2023 Tollgate Farm $1,100
23 Lyrical Diva 24KEEJAN Collected Lyrical Diva colt 2023
23 Victoria Barkley 24KEEJAN Liam's Map Victoria Barkley filly 2023 Dennis O'Neill $85,000
Vivid Dreams 24KEEJAN Arrogate Sister Superior filly 2020 Flurry Racing Stables $25,000
23 Bankruptonthebeach 24KEEJAN Yaupon Bankruptonthebeach filly 2023 First Finds $110,000
Blame It On Paris 24KEEJAN Blame La Parisienne filly 2020 Fast Fillies Farm $8,000
Dancing Secretary 24KEEJAN Perfect Soul (IRE) La Comete mare 2012
23 Dancing Secretary 24KEEJAN Rock Your World Dancing Secretary filly 2023 Motley Menagerie $15,000
Dark Corner 24KEEJAN Into Mischief No Use Denying mare 2016 Dale Desruisseaux $25,000
D’oro Digger 24KEEJAN Distorted Humor Miss Affare d'Oro mare 2019
23 Scartini Martini 24KEEJAN McKinzie Scartini Martini filly 2023 C&S Thoroughbred Sales, Agent $20,000
23 Sea Diva 24KEEJAN Kantharos Sea Diva filly 2023 JTG Bloodstock $60,000
Symphony Perfect (IRE) 24KEEJAN Fast Company (IRE) Irish Romance (IRE) mare 2019 Fergus Galvin, Agent $150,000
Dark Honey 23FTDECDIGITAL Astrology Oaks Lily mare 2018 Dante Zanelli, Agt for Kings and Queens Farm $8,000
La Alhambra 23FTDECDIGITAL Danza Dancewiththemaster broodmare 2018 Steve Williams $1,600
Catalani 23FTDECDIGITAL Dialed In Majestic Mommy broodmare 2020 Noah Platt $1,800
Where Is She 23FTDECDIGITAL Maximus Mischief Blase mare 2021 Starry Night Racing $6,500
Indulge 23KEENOVHORA Kantharos Tropic of Aquarius gelding 2018 Ten Strike Racing $25,000
Yuki (CHI) 23FTNOV The Lumber Guy Dona Milly (CHI) filly 2019
Practica Cat (CHI) 23FTNOV Practical Joke Pattisunbridledcat filly 2019 Paca Paca Farm $120,000
Gambling Girl 23KEENOV Dialed In Tulipmania filly 2020 Spendthrift Farm $875,000
Sharar 23KEENOVHORA Gun Runner Sacre Coeur colt 2020 Charles W. Cosgrove $120,000
Edgartown 23KEENOVHORA Quality Road Love Child colt 2021 Case Clay Thoroughbred Management $350,000
Judgement 23KEENOVHORA Not This Time Pica Slew filly 2021
Everso Mischievous 22KEENOVHORA Into Mischief Ever So Clever colt 2020 Fergus Galvin, Agent $85,000
Pounce 24FTFEBDIGITAL Lookin At Lucky Bouncy filly 2021 Resolute Bloodstock $370,000
Agate Road 22KEESEPT Quality Road Yellow Agate colt 2021 Repole Stable & St. Elias Stables $650,000
Nest 23FTNOV Curlin Marion Ravenwood filly 2019 Repole Stable $6,000,000
23 Stopshoppingmaria 23FTNOV Uncle Mo Stopshoppingmaria filly 2023 Stock Thoroughbreds $450,000
23 Miss Affare d’Oro 23FTNOV Not This Time Miss Affare d'Oro filly 2023 CSWV $150,000
23 Contrarian 23KEENOV Catholic Boy Contrarian colt 2023
23 Dirty Red 23KEENOV Raging Bull (FR) Dirty Red filly 2023 Eastbound $17,000
Dominance 23KEENOV Violence Stella's Dream mare 2015 Steve DeMaiolo $14,000
23 Dominance 23KEENOV Street Boss Dominance colt 2023 Mohmmed Rachid $15,000
Double Happiness 23KEENOV More Than Ready Morning Gallop mare 2016 Natalie Montgomery $10,000
Chase the Light 23KEENOV Mineshaft Hearts of Red mare 2019 Three Times a Charm Racing $20,000
Corey and Quinn 23KEENOV Uncle Mo Youcan'tcatchme filly 2020 BT Stables $120,000
Figureta (ARG) 23KEENOV The Leopard Figurona (ARG) mare 2009 Thomas & Mitchell Bloodstock $11,000
Bottoms Up 23KEENOV Volatile Trading Volume filly 2023 Meah/Lloyd Bloodstock, Agt for Foxbrook Farm $21,000
She’s Got Moves 23KEENOV Distorted Humor Dance Again mare 2016 Shannondoe Farm $40,000
Sissone 23KEENOV Twirling Candy Little Cat Feet mare 2020 Goodwin Enterprises Inc $55,000
Take Charge Patti 23KEENOV Will Take Charge La Belle mare 2017 Albert & Joyce Bell $80,000
Ace Girl 23KEENOV Connect Tiz Dixie mare 2019
23 Bridgette Bordeaux 23KEENOV McKinzie Bridgette Bordeaux colt 2023 Davant Latham, Agent $85,000
Calm Inspiration 23KEENOV Curlin Thank You Marylou mare 2019 Albert & Joyce Bell $70,000
Cara’s Dreamer 23KEENOV The Factor Dreaming of Cara mare 2018 JRita Thoroughbreds $70,000
23 All in With Aces 23KEENOV Maxfield All in With Aces filly 2023 Machmer Hall $165,000
Buckey’s Charm 23KEENOV Kantharos Rysy mare 2018 Bug Thoroughbreds/Woodstock Farm $40,000
23 Caftan 23KEENOV Silver State Caftan colt 2023 JD White $40,000
23 Cruise and Danze 23KEENOV Yaupon Cruise and Danze filly 2023
Dressed 23KEENOV More Than Ready Almada mare 2019 Natalma $75,000
23 Fried Pickles 23KEENOV Silver State Fried Pickles colt 2023
Lismullin 23KEENOV Arrogate Euro K Shotgun mare 2020 Richard Barton Enterprises $85,000
Mitigation 23KEENOV Into Mischief Chase Motto mare 2019 Lance Rutledge $80,000
Pulpit Angel 23KEENOV Pulpit Golden Tiy mare 2008 Stony Pointe Bloodstock $42,000
23 Pulpit Angel 23KEENOV Yaupon Pulpit Angel colt 2023 Grand Hill Farm $40,000
Recrimination 23KEENOV Blame Ancient Secret mare 2020 Bob Liewald $60,000
She Likes to Party 23KEENOV Maclean's Music Gone to Party mare 2018 Whispering Oaks Farm $80,000
Skyvalue 23KEENOV Sky Kingdom Hidden Value mare 2017
Sparkling Rose 23KEENOV Violence My Limit mare 2020 Even Money $165,000
Beach Landing 23KEENOV Omaha Beach Wyn Jym colt 2023 Barry K. Schwartz $45,000
Trickski’s Gold 23KEENOV Goldencents Trickski mare 2020
Broadway Girls 23KEENOV Army Mule Fond Hope filly 2020 Glendalough at Dromoland $130,000
Dothraki Queen 23KEENOV Pure Prize Sharaiji Blossom mare 2013 Terry C. Lovingier $45,000
Grisette 23KEENOV Creative Cause Nippy mare 2019 LeeLiza Bloodstock $150,000
23 Gypsy Glance 23KEENOV Silver State Gypsy Glance filly 2023 Howson/Houldsworth Bloodstock $65,000
Investigate 23KEENOV More Than Ready Party of Interest mare 2020 Sparhawk Stables $20,000
Lockstep 23KEENOV Nyquist Forever Loyal mare 2019
23 Lockstep 23KEENOV American Pharoah Lockstep colt 2023
Gold Dragon Queen 23KEENOV Goldencents Water Park mare 2019 Westbury Stables/ John Greathouse, Agt $200,000
Magic Solution 23KEENOV Creative Cause Arana mare 2018 D.J. Stables $120,000
Parade Girl 23KEENOV Empire Maker Parade mare 2020 Matt Davis $300,000
Second Bite 23KEENOV Carpe Diem Numero d'Oro mare 2017 Ranse Stoddard $175,000
23 Song of the Lark 23KEENOV Tiz the Law Song of the Lark filly 2023 Cliff Johnson/Johnson Cattle Co $65,000
Tapas 23KEENOV Tapit General Jeanne mare 2011 Sugarloaf Ltd. $140,000
The Girl Herself 23KEENOV American Pharoah Circle of Life mare 2017 Walmac Farm $225,000
Absolutely (IRE) 23KEENOV Uncle Mo Bracelet (IRE) mare 2018 McCalmont Bloodstock $450,000
23 Allusion 23KEENOV Not This Time Allusion colt 2023
Imperante 23FTOCT Improbable She's Not Here colt 2022 Chestnut Hill Stable $11,000
Unbridled Peace 23FTOCT Lord Nelson War For Peace filly 2022 Israel Chavez $25,000
22 D’ Orsay 23FTOCT Instagram D' Orsay filly 2022 Newbridge Partners $45,000
22 Helen’s Tiger 23FTOCT Honest Mischief Helen's Tiger colt 2022 Jose Arroyo $15,000
Duke Girls 23FTOCTDIGITAL Street Sense Gold Medalist filly 2020 Jamie Bolles $19,000
Underhill’s Tab 23FTOCTDIGITAL Unified Mykindasaint colt 2019 KBS $90,000
Moon Landing 23FTOCTDIGITAL Nyquist Fragrance colt 2020 Al & Bill Ulwelling $46,000
22 Surface 23FTOCT Goldencents Surface filly 2022 Y G Farm $8,000
Kip the Kid 23FTOCT Klimt Terfaashah colt 2022 Brad Hemba $5,000
Bottoms Up 23FTOCT Frosted Trading Volume colt 2022 McCutchen Training Center $23,000
22 Trappingsofsilver 23FTOCT Complexity Trappingsofsilver filly 2022
22 Winning Rhythm 23FTOCT Vekoma Winning Rhythm filly 2022 Mason Springs $42,000
22 Lady Of Kyushu 23FTOCT Justify Lady Of Kyushu colt 2022 Tom McCrocklin, Agt for Champion Equine LCC $180,000
Take Charge Omaha 23FTOCT Omaha Beach Monarchia filly 2022 Jimmy Kahig $67,000
22 Pink Twist 23FTOCT Justify Pink Twist filly 2022 De Meric Sales $240,000
Princess Skaya 23FTOCT American Pharoah Pushkinskaya (Ire) filly 2022 Gavin O'Connor, Agt for John Stewart $100,000
22 Quadrille 23FTOCT Will Take Charge Quadrille colt 2022 Smart Bug Stable $36,000
22 Rebooted 23FTOCT Thousand Words Rebooted colt 2022 Antonio Sano $23,000
Glee 23FTOCT Honor A.P. Red Tabby filly 2022 Mike G Rutherford $60,000
Complex Music 23FTOCT Complexity Auspiciously colt 2022 Bullitt Bloodstock $62,000
Mustique 23FTOCT Maximum Security Classic Brit filly 2022 Team Forster $50,000
Stipulate 23FTOCT Jimmy Creed Getupbabygetup filly 2022 Shepherd Equine Advisors, Agt for Larry Hirsch $87,000
Volunteer Fireman 23FTOCT Flameaway Happy Harmony colt 2022 Gracie Bloodstock, Agent $53,000
Cuban Cowboy 23FTOCT Twirling Candy Heart Stealer colt 2022 Baccari Bloodstock for DWF $100,000
22 Key Account 23FTOCT Spun to Run Key Account colt 2022 Eric Aquino $15,000
Chandelier Island 23FTAUGDIGITAL Street Sense Miss Kilroy mare 2018 Radhika Clark $19,000
Donita 23KEESEPT Higher Power What What What filly 2022 Table 38 Racing $36,000
22 She’s On Top 23KEESEPT Maclean's Music She's On Top colt 2022 SGV Thoroughbredss $150,000
Youlostthatlove 23KEESEPT Catalina Cruiser Stockings filly 2022 Bartolome Mafia Herrera $15,000
Tactical Man 23KEESEPT Bernardini Tactical Move colt 2022 John H. Prather, Jr. $20,000
22 Taperge 23KEESEPT Always Dreaming Taperge colt 2022 A Al Hamed $22,000
Winning Song 23KEESEPT Game Winner Thmoruplathlesupay colt 2022 Kenneth McPeek, Agent $60,000
22 Tippany 23KEESEPT Volatile Tippany colt 2022 Shooting Star Sales $57,000
22 Twice Around 23KEESEPT Upstart Twice Around filly 2022 HMA 812 LLC $15,000
Liam’s Song 23KEESEPT Liam's Map Vied colt 2022 Pick View $100,000
22 Visage (IRE) 23KEESEPT Justify Visage (IRE) filly 2022 Avenue Bloodstock $260,000
Sadiq 23KEESEPT Into Mischief Moonshine Memories filly 2022 North Hills Co. $475,000
Wagon Power 23KEESEPT Higher Power My Heart's Love colt 2022 Brady Lund $30,000
22 No Show Rose 23KEESEPT Complexity No Show Rose filly 2022 New Horizons Bloodstock $30,000
22 Piccadilly Line 23KEESEPT Munnings Piccadilly Line filly 2022 KHF $70,000
22 Queen of May 23KEESEPT Air Force Blue Queen of May colt 2022 Mason Springs Partnership $24,000
22 Seductive Charm 23KEESEPT Vino Rosso Seductive Charm colt 2022 Calumet Farm $50,000
22 Lerici 23KEESEPT Tiz the Law Lerici filly 2022 Eddie Kenneally, agent $25,000
Brave Samantha 23KEESEPT City of Light Little Hidden Gem filly 2022 Mike Heitzmann, Agent $140,000
22 Magicalcarpetride 23KEESEPT Volatile Magicalcarpetride colt 2022 Barry Berkelhammer, Agent $175,000
Pretti Boujee 23KEESEPT Hard Spun Max's Warrior filly 2022 Xtreme Racing Stables $90,000
Can’tdealwithit 23KEESEPT Violence Missdealornodeal filly 2022 Ahern Investments $55,000
22 Mo Smoke 23KEESEPT Divisidero Mo Smoke filly 2022 Edy Gonzalez $9,000
22 Moonlight Sky 23KEESEPT Tiz the Law Moonlight Sky filly 2022 Tom McCrocklin $170,000
Frosted Charlie 23KEESEPT Frosted Charlie A colt 2022 Black Dog Racing $130,000
He’s Not Joking 23KEESEPT Practical Joke Collegeville Girl colt 2022 John Di Scola $105,000
22 End Times 23KEESEPT Audible End Times filly 2022 Buffalo Bloodstock $255,000
Nana Grace 23KEESEPT Munnings Frost Dance filly 2022 Greg Tramontin $275,000
Planning 23KEESEPT Not This Time Havin' a Party filly 2022 Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners, Gary Barber, Bridlewood Farm $275,000
22 Holy Place 23KEESEPT Gun Runner Holy Place colt 2022 Kevin Knuckley $275,000
Incognito Burrito 23KEESEPT Practical Joke Homemade Salsa filly 2022
Rockin His Sox Off 23KEESEPT Malibu Moon Honey's Sox Appeal filly 2022
22 J P’s Flashy Honey 23KEESEPT Higher Power J P's Flashy Honey colt 2022 Gracie Bloodstock, Agent $155,000
Canyahearmeknockin 23KEESEPT Audible All About Allison colt 2022 Radley Equine/Boomer Bloodstock $70,000
22 All in Time 23KEESEPT Honest Mischief All in Time filly 2022 Blue Dog Racing $25,000
Flyin Private 23KEESEPT Laoban All in With Aces colt 2022 Michael McMillian $175,000
22 Amaze Me Grace 23KEESEPT Goldencents Amaze Me Grace colt 2022
22 Annagram 23KEESEPT Maximum Security Annagram filly 2022 Gold Foyer LLC $45,000
22 Appealing Maggie 23KEESEPT Improbable Appealing Maggie filly 2022 CM Thoroughbreds $15,000
22 Bickersons 23KEESEPT Tom's d'Etat Bickersons colt 2022 Captiva Bloodstock $40,000
Cumbia 23KEESEPT Improbable Caribbean Babe filly 2022 South American Bloodhorse $37,000
22 Pure Poison 23FTSAR Street Sense Pure Poison colt 2022 Centennial Farms LLC $375,000
22 Stopshoppingmaria 23KEESEPT American Pharoah Stopshoppingmaria filly 2022 J.S. Company $475,000
Market Profile 23FTHORA Liam's Map Recoupe filly 2020 CJ Thoroughbreds, Destin Heath as Agent $30,000
Gilded Age 23FTHORA Medaglia d'Oro Angela Renee colt 2019 Pro Racing $110,000
Spin Wheel 23FTHORA Hard Spun Zinzay gelding 2019 Danny R Caldwell $37,000
Kentucky Ghost 23FTHORA Ghostzapper Closing Range gelding 2017 Genstar Star $55,000
War Poet 23FTJUL War of Will Nicole H colt 2022 Horseology $60,000
22 Sea Diva 23FTJUL Goldencents Sea Diva filly 2022 Justin Wojczynski $35,000
Wynsome Cat 23FTJUL Mitole Wyn Jym filly 2022 BMS Inc $47,000
Complex Music 23FTJUL Complexity Auspiciously colt 2022
Ancient Goddess & 2023 Filly 23FTMAYDIGITAL Iffraaj Jezebel mare 2012 Kicourt LLC $70,000
South Side 23KEEAPR Curlin Often colt 2020 Cove Springs LLC $115,000
Cookie Bank 23KEEAPR Good Magic Soarwiththebirds filly 2020 AP Stable $22,000
Hot Little Thing 23KEEAPR Army Mule Bouffant filly 2020 Schumer/Howson & Houldsworth $125,000
Maclean’s Rhyme 23KEEAPR Maclean's Music Mystic Rhyme colt 2020 Alan Sherman $22,000
Outperform 23KEEAPR Gun Runner Terrific Treasure gelding 2019 Kirkwood Equine Advisory for Kinross Corp. $55,000
Commandperformance 23KEEAPR Union Rags Smitten colt 2019 Carl R. Moore Mgmt. LLC/Brad Grady $115,000
Summonyourcourage 23KEEAPR Practical Joke Queen of the Realm colt 2020 T & E Racing $70,000
Point Proven 23KEEAPR Gun Runner Secret Jewel gelding 2020 Norman Miller IV $45,000
Patou Road 23KEEAPR Quality Road Patou gelding 2019 Jan Vandebos $110,000
Ocean City 23KEEAPR American Pharoah Unicorn Girl colt 2020 Sycamore Hall Farm/David Wade, Agent $240,000
All Nighter 23KEEAPR Quality Road Fifth Avenue Ball filly 2020 Stoneriggs Farm $60,000
Sinaloa 23KEEAPR Good Magic Chatillon gelding 2020 Sal Perito $25,000
Brought To You By 23KEEAPR Runhappy Altamura filly 2020 Nestor Rivera $8,000
Lady Flurry 23FTMARDIGITAL Lord Nelson Patchofbadweather filly 2020
Park Place 23FTFEB Mastery Chuckling gelding 2019 Darrs Inc/ James Bredin, Agt $80,000
Karelys 23FTFEB Game Winner Even Song filly 2022 III Stooges $43,000
Voila Baby 23FTFEB Can the Man Miss Scout broodmare 2017 Green Pastures Farm $11,000
Point Wild 23FTFEB Point of Entry Mana Pools mare 2018 Grantley Acres $85,000
Back Channel 23FTFEB Liam's Map Divergent View broodmare 2017 Richard Barton Enterprises $17,000
Fast and Flirty 23FTFEB Into Mischief Speed Dating filly 2019
Pigeon Cay 23FTFEB Kantharos Trade Only filly 2020 Two Amigas $17,000
Senora Roma 23FTFEB Verrazano Willathewest mare 2017 Fire At Will Syndicate $95,000
Serene Pauline 23FTFEB Uncle Mo Teen Pauline mare 2018 Hinkle Farms $175,000
Evoking 23FTFEB Union Rags Smart Seattle mare 2018 Dan Northrup $3,000
Wrapper Rule 23KEEJAN Candy Ride (ARG) Indian Safari mare 2018 Grumpa Bloodstock $40,000
Authentic Kingdom 23KEEJAN Authentic Cyrielle colt 2022 Hard Five, Inc. $190,000
22 Imaginary Saint 23FTMARDIGITAL The Factor Imaginary Saint filly 2022 Amanda Murphy, Agent $13,000
Taperge 23KEEJAN Tapit Jera mare 2014 H R E H $105,000
Vacay 22FTKFEB Not This Time Florida Sun mare 2018 NBS Stable/John Ballantyne $170,000
Whiff 22KEENOV Giant's Causeway Swift Girl mare 2015 Eric Antonio Delvalle $36,000
Who’s Snow Trouble 22KEESEPT Snow Trouble Little Hidden Gem colt 2021 John Ennis, Agent $27,000
Holidays Saratoga 22FTKFEB Harlan's Holiday Saratoga Humor mare 2013 Royer Family Stables $70,000
Hot Dixie Dame 23KEEJAN Union Rags Decennial mare Jashua Robinson $1,500
Ice Baby 22KEENOV Frosted Gold d'Oro mare St George Stables $175,000
Mischievous Me 23KEEJAN Into Mischief Unanimous filly Champion Racing Stable $8,000
Mo Angell 22KEENOVHORA Uncle Mo Sassy Siena colt 2020 Whitehorse Stables $22,000
Moretti 22FTJULYHORA Medaglia d'Oro Rigoletta H Thor-Bred Stables LLC $30,000
Ribbon Falls 22KEEAPR Classic Empire Daddy Loves Gold colt 2019 Springhouse Stud $85,000
Risk Premium 22FTKFEB Take Charge Indy Little Swoon mare 2016 Grantley Acres $82,000
Roenick 23KEEJAN Union Rags See Rock City colt 2020 Two Hearts Farm, II LLC $60,000
Romanticize 22KEENOV Curlin Dawn Raid mare 2018 BBA Ireland $380,000
Royal Mission 22KEENOV American Pharoah It's All Me mare 2018 Alyse Roberts $10,000
Scripps 23KEEJAN Curlin Spelling Again mare 2019 Tom Clark, Agent for Miller & Bushman $40,000
Sense of Grace 22KEENOV Street Sense Princess Dashkova mare 2018 TLC Thoroughbreds LLC $60,000
Slew o’ Mischief 22KEENOV Maximus Mischief Tenshi colt 2022 Miguel Silva $10,000
Slow Crossing 22FTOCTDIG Street Sense Morning Gallop mare 2019 James Paliafito $2,800
Speeding 22FTKFEB Into Mischief Prancing mare 2018 Springland Farm $30,000
Surface 22KEENOV Quality Road Great Intentions mare 2016 Terry C. Lovingier $80,000
Bella Ciao 22KEENOV Flatter Anandi mare Terry C. Lovingier $165,000
Bode’s Dream 22FTNOV Bodemeister Frolic's Dream mare Springhouse Farm $250,000
Brilliant Cut 22FTKFEB Speightstown Polish a Diamond mare 2018 Katsumi Yoshida $750,000
Carrera Cat 22KEENOV Courageous Cat Top Value mare 2015 Colleen Dalos, Agent $40,000
Chocolate Cookie 22FTJUNE Declaration of War Lady of the Nile mare Raven Fox Farm $13,000
Christina Ann 22KEENOVHORA Tapit Ausus filly 2020 Action Stables $52,000
Cyrielle 22KEENOV Animal Kingdom Somethinaboutbetty mare 2015 Pin Oak Stud $160,000
Dame Iris 22KEENOV Medaglia d'Oro Limonar (IRE) mare 2017 Mt Joy Stables $37,000
Definitely Maybe 22KEENOV Uncaptured Conquest Angel mare 2018 Town & Country Horse Farms $105,000
Escape Map 22KEESEPT Liam's Map Locked On filly 2021 Maverick Racing & Siena Farm $220,000
Fend 22KEENOV Street Sense Goaltending mare 2016 Rock Ridge Thoroughbreds $200,000
Fling 22KEENOV Speightstown Disposablepleasure mare 2019 Spring Farm $30,000
Had a Nice Weekend 22FTKFEB Uncaptured Almost A Valentine mare 2019 Indian Creek Farm $16,000
Hard Love 22KEENOVHORA Kitten's Joy Hard Lovin Woman gelding 2018 Eddie Kenneally, Agent $12,000
Heathers Grey 23KEEJAN The Factor Jinny Jump Up mare 2016 Natalma $57,000
Corked 22FTOCT Vino Rosso Tiz Josselyn colt 2021 Good Games $35,000
Chasing Chayse 22FTOCT Goldencents Winning Point colt Michael Schmidt $52,000
22 Abatis 22KEENOV War of Will Abatis filly 2022 D K W Racing $80,000
22 Allusion 22KEENOV Union Rags Allusion colt 2022 Bobby Jones Equine $25,000
22 Bella Ciao 22KEENOV Maclean's Music Bella Ciao filly 2022 Farfellow Farms & Hennessy Bloodstock $105,000
22 Bridgette Bordeaux 22KEENOV Omaha Beach Bridgette Bordeaux colt 2022 Cedar Rock Ranch $80,000
Cardinal Union 22KEENOV Union Rags Carrera Cat colt 2022 Grand Hill Farm $25,000
22 Comanche Princess 23KEEJAN Gift Box Comanche Princess filly 2022 Michael Robinson / JD Thoroughbreds $40,000
22 Deb’s Candy Girl 22KEENOV Laoban Deb's Candy Girl filly 2022 Clarmont $60,000
22 Fend 22KEENOV Outwork Fend colt 2022 Samuel Guerra $10,000
22 La Sirena 22KEENOV Maclean's Music La Sirena colt 2022 Global Racing LLC $47,000
Brave Samantha 22KEENOV City of Light Little Hidden Gem filly 2022 Stone Bridge Investment Group $125,000
22 Minewander 22FTNOV Munnings Minewander colt 2022 Marshall Taylor $125,000
Tizntshelovely 22KEENOV Tiz the Law Sense of Grace filly 2022 DKW Racing $45,000
22 Surrender Dorothy 23KEEJAN Honor A. P. Surrender Dorothy colt 2022 Brian Knippenberg $27,000
22 Top Mission 23KEEJAN Vekoma Top Mission filly 2022 Cooper Bloodstock $57,000
Awesome Debate 22FTKFEB Honorable Dillon Healthy Debate mare 2016 Limestone Partners $22,000
Momma Kim 22KEESEPT Noble Mission (GB) Estoril filly 2021 Don Swick $12,000
Wafei 22KEESEPT American Pharoah Flying (IRE) colt 2021 Chad Schumer, Agent $125,000
Thermoscope 22KEESEPT Justify Frosty (IRE) colt 2021 Ben McElroy, Agent for CJ Thoroughbreds $250,000
Mywifeknowsitall 22FTOCT Anchor Down Grace Almighty filly 2021 J.T. $20,000
Viva Voce 22KEESEPT Audible Haveaniceweekend colt 2021 Taproot, for Riley Mott $100,000
Northern Chill 22FTJULY Accelerate Homesteader colt 2021 BET $197,000
River Ransom 22KEESEPT Cloud Computing Indomitable Spirit colt 2021 Rusty Roberts, Agent for Crazy Horse Equine LLC $20,000
21 Killer Bird 22KEESEPT West Coast Killer Bird colt 2021 G.O.P. Racing Stable $35,000
Under Promise 22KEESEPT Speightstown Life at Ten filly 2021 Michael Wallace, Agent for Gandharvi $300,000
Lil Temptation 22KEESEPT Enticed Lil Bess filly Aldo Peceros $10,000
Artemis Sound 22FTSAR Audible Max's Warrior filly 2021 Don Little $250,000
Retail Therapy 22KEESEPT Blame Mistressofthenight filly Pick View $130,000
If He Says So 22KEESEPT Summer Front Pick and Choose colt 2021 Donal Keane $8,000
Iron Man Ira 22FTOCT Laoban Saintly Rose colt Span Investments $13,000
Touchdown Rocket 22FTJULY Arrogate Sensitively colt Kings Equine $50,000
Generous Tipper 22FTJULY Street Sense Stopshoppingdebbie colt 2021 Walking L Thoroughbreds LLC $130,000
Mutually Exclusive 22KEESEPT Vino Rosso Tapas filly 2021 Peace of Mind Stables $160,000
21 Tenggara 22KEESEPT Good Magic Tenggara filly 2021 Tom McCrocklin, Agent $115,000
Because The Night 22FTOCT Uncle Mo The Nightingale colt 2021 Taproot Bloodstock, Agent $300,000
Pub Fight 22KEENOVHORA War Front Bunairgead colt 2020 Clarity Thoroughbreds, Agent for Hudson River Farm $7,000
Tactical Joke 22KEENOVHORA Practical Joke Competition filly CHC Inc. $560,000
Mei Wenti 22KEENOVHORA Into Mischief Distorted Passion colt 2020 CHC Inc $135,000
Extortion 22KEENOVHORA Into Mischief Gaudete colt 2020 Mick Wallace as Agent for Gandharvi $1,000,000
Midnight Rising 22KEENOVHORA Mendelssohn Jet Black Magic colt 2020 Jordan Blair, Agent $100,000
Starship Iceman 22KEENOVHORA Into Mischief My Sweet Girl colt 2020 Laurence Leavy $85,000
Maclean’s Rhyme 22KEENOVHORA Maclean's Music Mystic Rhyme colt 2020 Rodolphe Brisset, Agent for Storyteller Racing $235,000
Dissolved 22KEENOVHORA Quality Road Sweet Dreams colt 2020 Mick Wallace as Agent for Gandharvi $250,000
Hazon 22KEENOVHORA Street Sense Sweeter Than Ever colt 2020 CHC Inc. $450,000
Equivoque 22KEENOVHORA Good Magic Unreachable colt 2020 CHC Inc. $240,000
Logistics 22KEESEPT Liam's Map Army of One filly 2021 D.J. Stable $130,000
Miuccia 22FTOCT Mitole Bay Harbor filly 2021 Marquee Bloodstock LLC $140,000
Misty Ocean 22KEESEPT Catalina Cruiser Bella's Way filly 2021 Chapman and Tsujimoto $5,000
Count Daddy 22FTJULY Flameaway Canary Diamond colt 2021 Omar Ramirez $35,000
Tuscon 22KEESEPT Constitution Cozze Up Lady colt 2021 Richard Knight, Agt. $1,300,000
Mo Jackson 22FTOCT Uncle Mo Daveron (GER) colt 2021 Metropoliton Thoroughbreds $150,000
Goddess Minerva 22KEESEPT Nyquist Deb's Candy Girl filly 2021 Claires Run Stable $110,000
De Cache 22FTOCT Outwork Dialed To Go colt 2021 Stud Dozal $15,000
Montclair Road 22KEESEPT Quality Road Dothraki Queen filly Spendthrift Farm $250,000
Heartland 22KEESEPT Justify Sambuca Classica colt 2021 Maverick Racing & Siena Farm $575,000

“If you want to sell your horse, Jill will get it done. Whether it’s a $5,000 or $500,000 horse, she will find a buyer. She will communicate and be transparent with you about your horse until it is sold. Best of all, she cares about the horse first and foremost. Our industry would be better with more people like Jill and I can’t wait to help support Highgate. No doubt it will be a success’”


“Throughout her career, Jill Gordon has demonstrated the ability, the professionalism and most importantly, the integrity needed to succeed in an industry so uniquely complex and dynamic as the thoroughbred sales. She knows her horses; she knows the players; and she knows the market. Jill is also completely dedicated to her clients and I can personally attest to her relentless work ethic and exhaustive efforts to achieve success on their behalf. Above all, it’s her commitment to being fair and being honest, especially under pressure and difficulty, that gives her so much credibility and appeal as a consignor. As a buyer and as a seller, I’m excited to see the Highgate banner at the sales and I’m looking forward to working with Jill as she takes the reins of her own consignment.”


“I’ve known Jill & Jacob for as long as they’ve been in the horse business. It’s exciting to see first-generation talents combining to build a high-end consignment and management business to service industry needs – both with strong communication skills, industry knowledge, and, most importantly, integrity. When we look back in 5 years, I have little doubt Highgate will have cemented its position as a future leader.”


“Jacob and Jill will make a formidable team. I predict great success for Highgate Sales.”


“Jill is a go-getter. She’s experienced and knows the players. Highgate will definitely be selling some of my better yearlings!”


“Jill Gordon excels not only in practical horsemanship but in the entirety of the horse sales world. Her attention to detail and ever vigilant work ethic set her up to be a leader in the industry in no time. She will tirelessly endeavor for the success of her clients.”


“Highgate is going to be a force in our business. Jill is a true professional. She cares about the horse and the client equally, a rare quality. We’ve trusted her with our horses, and the results were always exemplary.”


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